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DDS has  introduced a line of training packages designed to attain compliance with today's ever-changing regulatory climate. We have brought forth our technical expertise and integrated it with a variety of vendors multimedia video presentations.   The result is a comprehensive package that provides strong technical training content, end of lesson testing, student handbooks, and in some program areas "hands on" materials designed to capture the attention of students with dazzling visual and intellectual materials. Each program is built on an MS Office platform.  All course materials are contained on a single CD-ROM. Over 35 program areas are available.

DDS Training Services can provide on site training in any program area minimizing employee downtime relataed to ongoing compliance issues.  We come to you.  Any program can be customized to meet a customer's needs.  Need Spill Response, Asbestos Awareness and a Confined Space annual refresher? DDS can build a program to meet your needs.


Each program consists of

Course Overview
Class sign in sheet
Instructor's Manual
MS PowerPoint Presentation
      1 hour program - Minimum of 25 slides
      2 hour program - Minimum of 40 slides
      500+ slides for the 16 hour Safety Awareness
Copy of Regulations (electronic if available)
Student Exercises
"Hands On" Materials (Please see course list)
Class Evaluation
Certificate Template
Electronic Student Handbook (HazCom, Asbestos, FAA Fire Safety)
10 Student Handbooks


Environmental and Safety Training Materials
(On-Site Training can be provided in any location)

Occupational Safety



Hazard Communication
Chemical Management
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Respiratory Protection
Hazardous Energy (Lockout/ Tagout)
Permit Required Confined Space Entry
Electrical Safety Awareness
Fall Protection (Awareness)

Asbestos Contractor Supervisor
Asbestos Operations and Maintenance
Asbestos Awareness
Compressed Gas Safety
Lead Awareness
Fire Prevention
FAA Fire Life Safety in ATCTs (29 CFR 1960.20)
Walking, Working surface
Cranes and Hoists
Ladder Safety
Temperature Extremes
Bloodborne Pathogens
Office Safety
Excavations and Trenching (awareness)
Machine Guarding
Welding Safety (awareness)
Pesticide Awareness
Hearing Conservation
General Safety


Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure
Level II - Emergency Response
HazWoper (29 CFR 1910.120) refresher



(2/4/8 hr)
(4 hr)
(1 hr)
(2 hr)
(2 hr)
(2/40 hrs)
(1/4 hrs)
(1 hr)

(40 hrs)
(16 hrs)
(2 hr)
(1 hr)
(2 hr)
(2 hr)
(2 hr)
(2 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)
(1 hr)




For a more information about our training materials or to preview a specific training program, contact us at or call 757-563-9595 for a demonstration package.


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