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OSHA/EPA Compliance Software



FST Management  (December 2006)

- Tracks FST/AST permitting, tightness testing

- Tracks program related costs

- Tracks FST/AST inspection,



The OSHEWARE – Fuel Storage Tank (FST) module offers both equipment management and budgetary support with respect to FST maintenance costs and fuel usage. The module provides a “wizard” to complete the required periodic inspection as per 40 CFR 112. Every inspection is available for review in the event of an audit by simply typing a few keystrokes.  They are sorted by both date and specific FST.  Management can easily track who and when the inspections are being completed. Permitting and testing reminders are built in to the system and programmed for company/regulatory specific renewal periods. Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) documentation is electronically archived for easy reference.


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